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Language Processing and Language Production

A huge amount of language data is now available and, due to innovations in information technology, this data can now be handled by computers with great speed and efficiency. This situation, which would have been beyond imagining in the past, has had a profound impact not only on language technologies aimed at allowing computers to understand and generate natural language, but also on linguistic research whose aim is to comprehend what language itself is.

Our division is conducting research in the following areas (among others): corpus linguistics, whose aim is to describe accurately the characteristics of specific languages based on large collections of language data; the study of natural language processing, that is, the processing that allows natural and fluent communication between humans and computers; and computational linguistics, which elaborates mechanisms for handling languages which operate with the precision of computer algorithms.


Corpus linguistics:
Natural language processing:
KATO Tsuneaki, OSEKI Yohei
Computational linguistics:
KATO Tsuneaki, KAWASAKI Yoshifumi, OSEKI Yohei